by Anon on 2018-08-14
Outstanding service! From the front desk, staff and thorough exam/plan of action by Dr. Lori.

Norma Monroe on 2018-08-11
My adjustment are always good. They really help me to have a better quality of life. I am able to walk more after visiting their clinic. I recommend this place of business. Norma

Julia Mathis on 2018-07-26
The entire staff is so welcoming. The doctors are awesome and provide effective results!

Regina Green on 2018-07-14
Dr. Lori and Dr. Louis are truly excellent Chiropractors. As a patient I have been in their care for a back condition for several months now and the pain has been so much better, I can’t believe it. Everything about my back condition has been discussed with me in depth so I have had better knowledge of why it “was” happening. Both Drs are so kind, understanding, and very professional. I would recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone. The staff as a whole are pleasant and accommodating. Thank you Family Chiropractic, Inc.

Lynnette Wadley on 2018-07-12
Love the family environment

Anon on 2018-05-24
Awesome doctors and staff! Always available at any given time. They are like family. Dr. Lori Okun and Dr. Louis Okun are the very best.

Felicia Rucker on 2019-07-23
Excellent service with friendly atmosphere.

Michael Harris on 2019-07-14
I went to see Lori after experiencing extreme back pain. I appreciate her professionalism and personal attention. Lori walked me through each adjustment and was very gentle as I was in a lot of pain. I will definitely revisit for all of my chiropractic needs.

Tammy Martin on 2019-07-09
I visit Family Chiropractic regularly and have been for more than a year since I moved to the area. I have been getting chiropractic care for more than a decade and the care I receive from this practice is by far the best that I have experienced. I have visited these practitioners for both severe acute and chronic conditions; they are highly qualified, extremely thorough and caring. I highly recommend this practice.

Julia Mathis on 2019-06-15
The best out there! I tell everyone I come in contact with that has an issue to go here. Love them!

Dwayne Young on 2019-06-14
It was great!! Love going there to get readjusted every time.

Revelyn Moore on 2019-06-06
From the moment that I entered the office I was comfortable as a first time client. The personnel and Dr. Okun were very thorough and informative with the examination process. I left the office feeling that I had made the right choice in selecting the Family Chiropractic Inc.

Phaleon Benjamin on 2019-05-24
Love the doctors and staff, very friendly. Very caring and I feel better each day I come and leave

Phaleon Benjamin on 2019-05-20
The staff were very friendly and caring…

Phaleon Benjamin on 2019-05-16
Very knowledgeable and feeling comfortable with the staff and doctors.

Lisette Louissaint on 2019-05-02
The service is excellent, the staff is very nice .they remind me of my appointment and when I got there I got take care of in a timely manner.

Senta Mickle on 2019-04-27
As always my experience was worth my time

Xena Harris on 2019-04-25
My visit was welcoming and professional. I felt at home and felt like my needs would be met.

Regina Green on 2019-04-25
As always my the staff is very pleasant. Dr. Lori is thorough with my treatment which leaves me feeling better. Thank you Family Chiropractic.

Pamela Young on 2019-04-03
I begin a new running regiment and started experiencing a nagging pain from my left hip to my knee.After my adjustment with Dr. Lori the pain was gone. Thank you!!

Dwayne Hamer on 2019-04-02
Very friendly staff! Quality treatment with individuals who take time to care. NPS: N/A by James Warner on 2019-03-18
The service was great and render in a timely manner. The doctor was also great , the best part that I like the most is that Dr. Lori take the time out to explain any concerns you may have. And that mean a great deal to a patient. The only thing that I can say , just keep up the good work it goes a long way.

Kadaria Pope on 2019-03-12
I called on a Sunday night and left a voicemail about my back problem and how much pain I was in. About 10 minutes later, Dr. Lori called me back and told me that they can fit me in tomorrow and what I can do until then. That Monday morning, I went in with so much back pain, and I left out feeling better! Thank you!!!

Julia Mathis on 2019-02-28
I continue to come to Family Chiropractic even after one year of treatment. I love this place and going monthly allows me to keep my body in Tip-Top shape.

Bridgette Render on 2019-01-27

Maurice Hughes on 2019-01-13

Lynnette Wadley on 2019-01-13
The staff are great they are always warm and friendly

Tammy Merkison on 2019-01-10
This husband and wife duo are phenomenal! After every visit I feel more and more like myself! 🙂

Verneda Johnson on 2018-12-26
Everyone expressed sincere concern for my well being.

Lamar Richardson on 2018-12-20
I had not been to a Chiropractor in 25-30 years. Dr. Lori told me about why my knee hurt so much and that was really enlightening!

Regina Green on 2018-12-13
Dr. Lori Okun has been so helpful over this year with pains in my lower back and muscle areas that I have strained. When I walk out of office I feel so much better. The staff as a whole are so friendly. Dedication to a patient is remarkable.

Shannon Barnette on 2018-12-09
Very professional and family oriented. The staff is very helpful, friendly and always cheerful.

Anon on 2018-12-04

Tracey Watts on 2018-12-04
Dr. Lori is a genius and is blessed with gifted hands! Staff is friendly and supportive!

Anon on 2018-11-27
Always helpful and caring.

Pamela Young on 2018-11-19
Thank you, Family Chiropractic for your Excellent service.

Julia Mathis on 2018-11-15
I’ve been with Family Chiropractic for 1 1/2 years. I get treated about every 3 weeks and have maintained a level of “feeling good”. This visit found me waiting 4 weeks and I had a severely tightened neck as well as pain in 2 other areas. Dr. Louis did his magic! When I left, I was still not in my “good” place but was able to go do shopping. Here I am 24 hours later and my neck pain is all but gone as well as the other areas. I know I can go to Family Chiropractic anytime I have an issue and will always feel welcomed. Thank you for your dedication and service.

David Rivera on 2018-11-10
Want to feel brand new and the way life is supposed to be? Visit the Okuns! I strongly recommend.

Anon on 2018-10-18
Dr. Okun believes in the bodies ability to heal. He is assisting it in an honest and gifted way to guide it in the right direction. He too shares his motivation for reaching my goals.

Anon on 2018-10-11
Awesome staff and doctors!

Michael Jackson on 2018-10-02
Excellent staff and Service

Katrina Stubbs on 2018-09-19
Quality service and very friendly doctors along with their staff.

Sonja Howard on 2018-09-15
Excellent everything was done with the best service and care.

Jamie Brown on 2018-08-07
The Dr was very personal, professional and knowledgeable.

Linda Hitchcock on 2018-08-04
Great friendly staff

Jonah Pearson on 2018-07-10
Very nice staff

Kerry Davis on 2018-06-27
The treatment I receive was very helpful for my needs.

Katrina Stubbs on 2018-06-14
Overall great visit

James Dunaway on 2018-05-15
Great Drs. and staff is very helpful

Anthony Adams on 2018-05-03

Joan Cianciolo on 2018-05-01
I always appreciate the warm welcome and personal attention to my chiropractic needs. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Louis and Dr. Lori for years and know they will be sure to adjust me and focus on my troubled areas before I leave the office.

Locie Walthall on 2018-05-01
Family Chiropractic. Inc. has two(2) of the best doctors in the business of chiropractic care (.Drs .Lori and Louis Okun). If they can’t meet the need to adjust your body, I don’t believe anyone else can do it.

Anon on 2018-04-25
The staff is very professional and friendly. The office clean and tidy. My first time visiting this type of doctor for pain relief care but no complaints. Learning as I continue with my appointments. They appear to be only concerned about making sure the patient gets positive results.

Lorraine Gray on 2018-04-15
My experience was enjoyable. Everyone was friendly but also very professional. Everyone explained the process or answered any or every question. I was very pleased with my experience.

Albert Waters on 2018-04-10
I always feel better after leaving. They are the best in the business.

Michael Hodgson on 2018-04-07
I’ve been going to Family Chiropractic since 2014 and every time I go I get treated favorably. Everyone is very professional and the quality of service either meets or exceeds the industry standard.

Regina Green on 2018-04-05
Family Chiropractic is amazing. The Chiropractors are knowledgeable, patient, thorough and professional. The staff is pleasant and helpful. The office areas are neat, clean, and comfortable. I would recommend to anyone looking for a Chiropractor to go to Family Chiropractic.

Lynne English on 2018-03-31
As always, an extremely high level of care given in a friendly family atmosphere.

Jonathan Atkins on 2018-03-29
Great experience and a wonderful team.

Anon on 2018-03-29
Great experience great staff first time going definitely would refer someone else

Ruben Watson on 2018-03-22
It took a long period of time with consultation but I’m thinking it will be worth it. Every kind of test and then some most I never had in 52 yrs. Trainer made sure that the trainee fully understand the full circle of the business from front office to back with patient treatments. The doctor that was examining me took his time it was not rushed like most , Sone would ask how are you doing ,listen to your heart and asked you to diagnose yourself push pill then your co pay be back in 3 months. This guy listen to trainee as she described my issues for 2 min. Then he went to work with examination he pulled and push while telling trainee things in rapid fire put pc of stuff he found good or bad. Then off to x rays after finishing up it was time to go. Next trip to get news is Friday

Lynne Carter on 2018-03-13
Very professional and knowledgeable docs. Looking forward to working with them for a long time to come.

Anon on 2018-03-13
Dr Lou & Lori are the best. They listen to everything I say, and work to resolve my issues and most of all relieve the pain I may have at any given time. Working to restore optimal health is always their goal. The office staff is equally as amazing, always welcoming and helpful.

Jasper Dawkins on 2018-02-20
Service was great, friendly and professional. 🙂 🙂

Pamela Young on 2018-02-11
My experience with Family Chiropractic is always a pleasant and rewarding one.

Carmalita Howard on 2018-02-09
I really enjoyed my experience. Finally I see it was something going on with my body when the urgent care facilities made me feel like my pain was in my mind. I know now that it wasn’t

James Thomas on 2018-02-08
This was my first visit to Family Chiropractic, and I will certainly be going back. Everyone was very friendly and informative, and the doctors walked me through every step and helped me through the immediate reason for my visit. I believe I’ll get the care that I need there and feel comfortable entrusting them with it.

Anon on 2018-02-03
I’ve never had a bad experience with you guys, thanks for your professionalism.

Jordon Wheeler on 2018-02-01
Another great visit today. The entire staff was very welcoming. Dr. Louis is a very good listener. I thank God for these folks. I woke up with much less pain.

Jordon Wheeler on 2018-01-30
Good first experience with the doctors. Follow up appointment on Wednesday.

Locie Walthall on 2018-01-26
There are no Chiropractic services like the ones received at FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC!!. If you don’t believe me just try it.

Julia Mathis on 2018-01-25
Although I came to the office with no complaints yesterday, Regina did find some tender spots and she worked on them and corrected them.

Karima Applewhite on 2018-01-16
Small family office that truly cares about helping people with their overall health goals in a non traditional way.

Shinikka Ellis on 2018-01-07
Great experience here would refer anyone.

Yvonne White-Stevenson on 2017-12-24
Dr Lori was attentive. She listened to my pain. She was patient during the therapy session. And she worked out a specific plan to address all of my concerns. Then, she followed up with with a phone call later on that same afternoon. I will keep all of my immediate appointments. And so do maintenance prevention going forward. Thanks Dr Lori.

Paulette Mckenzie on 2017-12-21
I have a subluxation in my cervical region and this clinic resolve that problem for me,now i just visit regularly for the relaxation of my joints and muscles.I always feel much better after my visit .

Michael Hodgson on 2017-12-17
I always feel welcomed when I walk in the door. It’s a great family environment and ran very professionally. The treatment always gives me relief that I really needed at that moment. I just wish I could go more often but my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic services and I have to pay out of pocket.

Tracey Lowe on 2017-12-09
I always leave from a session feeling better physically and spiritually.

Lynne English on 2017-11-28
As always, my experience with Family Chiropractic was a pleasant one. The friendly atmosphere, the experience and knowledge of the doctor, and the way I feel afterwards, make me want to come back time and time again. I have also referred them to several people.

Kenneth Curtis on 2017-11-11
It was excellent and rewarding.

Julia Mathis on 2017-10-19
They always take great care of me. I came with a new issue and it was addressed with concern. I go back in 2 days to see if there is any improvement.

Linda Ocampo on 2017-10-18
Dr’s Lori, Luis & Rejina are caring, gentle and thorough. They are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their patients. I have been an off and on patient of Family Chiropractic for many years, and I always know when I find myself in a painful situation I can depend on them to help me achieve wellness again. I know that I am always in good hands at Family Chiropractic.

Vernon Jones on 2017-10-14
Excellent adjustment

Carter Schmeck on 2017-10-08
Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with my injury

Lathonia Adekunle on 2017-10-05
Very respectful and considerate of your pain levels when doing initial assessment. Office is warm and inviting.

Quentin Adams on 2017-09-16
They were attentive to my needs and made me feel like family. They were also helpful with aid

Joan Cianciolo on 2017-08-27
So grateful to Dr. Lori for my free birthday adjustment!! It’s a great gift and such a great place to get all my chiropractic needs taken care of! Thank you!

Shelly Gutierrez on 2017-08-16
The care I received was great and the staff is wonderful.

James Dunaway on 2017-08-12
I was in a lot of hip and leg pain Dr. Louis Help me a lot. Thanks

Julia Mathis on 2017-07-20
Family Chiropractic is AWESOME! They are so good at their gift. That’s the only word I could use about their skills. After being treated for 2 1/2 years by a different chiropractor who helped me, It only took 2 months for Drs. Okun to get me to a place of no pain. I truly can’t remember the last time my body has felt this good. I’m still working with them to ensure my body remains in this “good” situation. Please, please, please, if you have an issue that you think could be helped by chiropractic treatment, go to Family Chiropractic!

CJ Sparnell on 2017-07-17

Locie Walthall on 2017-06-15
I always enjoy knowing when my next appointment is scheduled to visit Family Chiropractic , Inc. I have been a patient for over 28 years. Each visitation is worthy of your time and expenses. When you enter the office, you are greeted with kindness, smiles and an excellent examination(s). It was years before I went to a Chiropractic Doctor, but after my first visit, I discovered that would never miss an appointment. My body feels so good after each treatment. My best advice is to hang in there with Drs. Lori and Louis Okun. You can’t go wrong. They are the best!!!. LOCIE W

Gigi Redd on 2017-06-03
Family Chiropractic has a homey feel. Everyone is very nice and professional. Dr. Lori is attentive to my issues and treats accordingly to improve my condition. I’ve been a patient for 5 years and will continue going to maintain my quality of life.

Valeria Clark on 2017-05-24
I was very satisfied with the service I received. The exam was very thorough and engaging with me actually being heard. Thank you!

Johanne Welch on 2017-05-18
Really great and very professional staff.

Joan Cianciolo on 2017-04-28
Dr. Lori always hits the spot and takes time to address my needs. Maria also greets me with a smile and is so efficient and helpful when I just drop by for an adjustment. So glad to have Family Chiropractic as a part of my ongoing health care!

Susan Tatum on 2017-04-19
Thanks for taking me as your patient. I am very impressed with your quality of service….didn’t really know what to expect at first, but felt right at home. husband and son have used you for YEARS, so I kinda knew it would be this special…….the first girl I met there, Anitra(?) was very friendly, kind, and helpful. she is a good choice for your practice. looking forward to more visits coming up!!!! thanks again for your help!!! I know this treatment will help me!

Lynne English on 2017-04-19
I was thrilled at how knowledge, friendly, and professional everyone was, while making you feel relaxed and comfortable . Almost like family. I’m looking forward to being treated there.

Calvin McLaughlin on 2017-04-18
Very friendly people from day 1 actually care about making sure u get better and concerned about your health I recommend anyone to them make you feel right at home love this staff wish I could give more then 5 stars

Dyanne Cunningham on 2017-04-13
This was my first visit. So far, I am very satisfied. Dr. Okun conducted a very thorough exam and appeared very knowledgeable and professional, yet personable. The staff was courteous and helpful and friendly. The physical location was well equipped, clean and well kept. My first impression is that Family Chiropractic is a very professional and friendly practice. Although my visit was very pleasant, I reserve making recommendations to others until I have had a few more visits.

Anon on 2017-04-12
I was very impressed as a new patient. I walked out of the office after my first adjustment and therapy with much less pain as I had when I walked in. I’m actually looking forward to my next visit to further lessen my pain.

Elizabeth Rodriguez on 2017-03-30
I have been a patient here since 2015 and have always had great experiences! Everyone from the front desk to the doctors truly make you feel welcomed and spread their positive energy. After every adjustment, I leave with high spirits anticipating the next time I come back. For anyone considering chiropractic, this is the practice you’ve been looking for! You will leave feeling better in places you didn’t realize were hurting!

Judith Coleman on 2017-03-29
In November, 2016 I came down with Sciatica in my left hip and leg. I also had issues in my neck and upper shoulders. A good friend of mine shared that she went to Family Chiropractic, Inc for issues she was having and recommended I try them out. Today I am pain free!!! They brought me back from not being able to do so many activities that I enjoy (including gardening, riding my bike and exercising at the gym). I will continue on a maintenance schedule so that I stay in good physical condition as long as I can. Am enjoying my retirement once again! A huge thank you to the doctors and staff at Family Chiropractic, I do appreciate the services you provide!!

Peter Groves on 2017-03-26
Awesome experience for the first time

Johanne Welch on 2017-03-16
I really recommend this location for your back problems. The staff has always been very caring and both Doctors are really great and have truly helped me with my back issues.

Pamela Ivey on 2017-02-28
Amazing. I’ve been getting chiropractic care for over 30 years. Dr. Lori did the most thorough exam and adjustment I’ve ever had.

Doya Outlaw on 2017-02-25
Very nice staff and very attentive to the patients.

Marcela DeSantos on 2017-02-21
I think I been a patient for two years now although it seems like yesterday that I walked into this practice baring the pain, the very first visit was nothing but the best, staff, doctors everyone including other patients the atmosphere in there is contagious. Dr Lori hands are indescribable soft on you. Michelle was very professional I immediately noticed when she was not there anymore (wish this lady the best on her new journey) María addition to the practice is a plus, you cannot erase her smile ever. Regina, although she rarely does the doctor work she is amazing all about.

Lynnette Wadley on 2017-02-19

Locie Walthall on 2017-02-16
I am so proud that I was recommended to Family Chiropractic about 30 years ago, and I am proud to be a patient of Drs. Lori/Louis Okun including the staff. They take care of their patients with so much love and respect They are dedicated to each patient. It is truly a family .

Paulette Mckenzie on 2017-02-14
I’ve suffered with pain for years until I started visiting this I just go every month to keep my body conditioned all my pains are gone. I recommend this clinic to anyone suffering with pains especially in the spinal areas, you will not regret it.

Kenneth Curtis on 2017-02-11
Positive results from initial visit. This fifth year. I recommend to everyone.

Retina Dawson on 2017-01-14
Very informative and thorough

John Johnson on 2017-01-10
I love the care that Dr. Lewis and his staff provides me with at Family Chiropractic. The results are resolving and truly a added benefit to my overall wellness care.

Walton Thompson on 2016-12-28
The Best!

Joan Cianciolo on 2016-12-12
Dr. Lori is always attentive and accommodating to my chiropractic needs. I appreciate the personal care I receive by everyone at the office!!

Anon on 2016-12-01
I received therapy from Aoy and all I can say is that I am looking forward to my next therapeutic massage. I recently underwent a tummy tuck and her massage skills have been extremely helpful to my recovery. Would go anywhere else.

Sharon Craig on 2016-11-28

Amanda Yarbrough on 2016-11-19
They are the best

Richard Luongo on 2016-11-17
Always caring treatment!

Anon on 2016-11-10
The practice is the same since I have been coming…Great people! Missed seeing Dr. Lori but Dr. Okun worked out just fine. It amazes me when I see new office staff caring that spirit of come on in we are glad to see you. And always the Docs treat you like family.

Ernie Ebanks on 2016-11-08
Friendly, feel very comfortable with care

Lenna Purdue on 2016-11-05

Tracey Lowe on 2016-11-03
Lori is the best. Her adjustments definitely relieves many of symptoms that brings me into that office.

Akimbria Boykin on 2016-09-21
This is an awesome practice..The doctors there make you feel comfortable…they are an awesome awesome team..they are prompt…

Joan Cianciolo on 2016-06-17
Drs. Lori and Louis are always personable and professional and do a great job taking care of my chiropractic needs. The office staff is also very pleasant and helpful.

Norma Monroe on 2016-04-21
They really help me to feel good again. Pain and numbing feeling in my leg is gone. I recommend this place 100%.

Jimmy Woolfork on 2015-08-24
Very good service

Anon on 2015-08-04
Great Chiropractic service

Anon on 2015-07-15
Everyone I encountered was pleasant and professional. I was given a same day appointment. I felt Dr. Lori was genuinely interested in doing what’s best for me.

Erica Ferrell on 2015-07-10
I have received great care so far during my treatment phase and I am looking forward to continuous healing.

Locie Walthall on 2015-06-16
I have been a patient of Family Chiropractic, Inc. for over 20 years. Each time I go for adjustment I know that I am in good hands of two great Drs. Lori and Louis Okun. On April 19 , 2014, I was involved in a head on collision. I was miserable.  With Family Chiropractic, I knew that I was going to recuperate, but I never thought that I would regain my health as early as I did. My whole body was off balance. As a result of the accident, I had a cracked left ankle, a cracked sternal, a broken metacarpal on the right hand and severe bruises all over my body First, I praised God for protecting me. Second I give praise to Dr. Lori and and Dr Louis for their services rendered. They are two of the best. A job well done..!!! and I feel terrific.

Kenneth Mohney on 2015-06-16
No matter what my issue, I have been well taken care of and treated wonderfully by the doctors and staff.

Debbie Speaks on 2015-06-12
I’ve been using Family Chiropractic for 20 years! They are the best and I would never trust my spine health to anyone else!! Our whole family uses them and I recommend them to anyone who asks. The staff has always been cheerful and welcoming. Family Chiropractic is like family!

Angelette Mealing on 2015-06-07
Family Chiropractic was wonderful! Staff was attentive to my needs and both Dr. Okun worked well to address my neck and back pain. Definitely will be recommending others to Family Chiropractic.

Joan Cianciolo on 2015-05-28
I didn’t have an appointment but was welcomed by the pleasant ladies in the office and assured that Dr. Louis would see me. Dr. Louis took extra time to give me a thorough adjustment and attended to a couple other concerns I had. I am very happy to say I have been a patient of Drs. Louis and Lori Okun for over 25 years! I’ll continue to be their patient and recommend them to others.

Racquel Blackledge on 2015-05-16
The Dr’s are amazing

Janelle Calloway on 2015-04-22
I felt really comfortable telling them about my issues, their feedback was honest and straightforward, I love that it is a family business and that they collaborate with each other about my therapy.

David Muhammad on 2015-04-03
Just as the name implies, FAMILY Chiropractic. There’s just not enough to be said about the environment of ‘Together-ness’ you will experience here. In addition to the Chiropractic care, the friendliness and all around smiles go SO far with me. Thank you!!!!!

Yvonne Smith on 2015-03-28
This was my first visit and the staff and service was excellent I will definitely be back.

Sam Ring on 2015-03-19
Great knowledge and service, has prevented surgery and kept me active.

Brandi Johnson on 2015-03-15
Very professional…friendly…helpful

Vernon Jones on 2015-03-13

Gigi Redd on 2015-03-08
As a patient of Family Chiropractic for 2 years I have to say the doctors are very concerned with your well being and progress. The staff is very friendly, efficient and professional. I feel better with consistent adjustments and would recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone.

Marvin Day Sr. on 2015-03-03
very helpful and pleasant.

Michelle Morris on 2015-01-28
The atmosphere is great everyone is friendly and professional. Drs Louis and Lori are amazing and care a great deal about their patients.

Don Castleberry on 2015-01-22
Great service as always. Thoughtful and caring.

Peggy Thompson on 2015-01-15
All of the staff members are pleasant and helpful. Scheduling appointments is easy.

Anon on 2015-01-06
Family Chiropractic was recommended by a family member a few years ago, when we first moved to Georgia. We have appreciated both Doctors Lewis and Lori, who each have special talents and abilities to resolve health issues that arise. Staff members also are pleasant, helpful and concerned for patients. Needless to say, I continually recommended Family Chiropractic to friends and acquaintances

Joan Cianciolo on 2015-01-01
Dr. Louis and Dr. Lori, as well as the office staff, are very professional and personable whenever I drop by for my adjustments. I have been a patient of theirs for 20+years and appreciate their consistency and techniques. My body and mind appreciates them! I also appreciate their willingness to give so much to the community through the scholarship program and Helping Hands Dinner. They have a patient for life with me!

Francesca Lowe on 2014-12-23
Excellent treatment. Felt so much better. Thank you Dr Lori

Vernon Jones on 2014-12-07
My service was excellent

James Warner on 2014-12-04
This family chiropractor location: have a very friendly atmosphere, they make you feel at home and welcome. The staff is very professional and very knowledgeable in the field of chiropractors. Most of all the doctors are very concerned about their patients wellness. From James Warner 12/04/2014 . Keep up the good work.

Jane Storey on 2014-12-03
Getting an adjustment really helps make by body feel better. Gets rid of aches and pains!

Locie Walthall on 2014-12-02
I have been visiting Family Chiropractic for treatments over 20 years , and I am satisfied with the services received. The friendly atmosphere with the entire staff is awesome.The doctors are professional and know their practices..

Gerri Robinson on 2014-11-30
It was very different than any doctor office I’ve ever been to think my out come will be great.

Joan Cianciolo on 2014-11-04
Michelle greeted us with her pleasant and efficient manner and Doctor Lori used her magic to bring me relief! Everyone at the office is always so pleasant and professional and takes care of mine and my families needs.

Yolanda Boler on 2014-10-31

Anon on 2014-10-16
They have a great staff and inviting environment. My first visit was long, but extremely thorough! I will definitely be going back.

Anon on 2014-10-08
I always enjoy coming to the office. I often meant people who testify about how their life has changed through chiropractic adjustments. Both doctors are very personable but Dr. Lori is my favorite even though they both are awesome. Sheryl always has a welcoming smile on her face and glad to see everyone and not just me. I would like to say thank -you both for making each and every one of us who see you for not seeing us as just a NUMBER….but a real person.

Peggy Thompson on 2014-09-16
I appreciate the professionalism, the courtesy and the attention to my own situation.

Tina Childs on 2014-09-12
I love both Dr. Louis and Lori they are great. You get quality care and service from all staff members.

Rene McDonald on 2014-09-09
The staff is very professional, thorough, friendly and efficient. The initial evaluation is extensive and thorough. Everything is explained in layman’s terms and I’m looking forward to great adjustments.

Donna Burchfield on 2014-08-27
Dr.s Lori and Louis Okun are amazing chiropractors! Been a patient for over 20 years. Love them!