Position of Healthcare Practice Manager

We are an established two-doctor chiropractic clinic. We have an upbeat family atmosphere and an easy-going but fast-paced working environment dedicated to the care of our patients and community. Because of our dedication and quality care, we have generated strong goodwill in our community which we want to sustain.  Therefore, we are looking for a career-minded individual to be our Practice Manager, overseeing all aspects of the business to ensure we continue and improve upon our well-earned reputation of care and service.

Key Qualifications

The right candidate will have some or all the following:

  1. Desire to improve people’s health.
  2. Motivated and skilled to help other team members improve.
  3. College degree in management or equivalent.
  4. 2+ years experience in an administrative role at a healthcare practice.
  5. Experienced and competent in all aspects of health insurance, including posting, billing, collections, clearinghouse, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, and Personal Injury, managed care and accounts receivable management,.
  6. Skilled communicator and able to bring consensus to work projects.
  7. Able to create and maintain a team environment.
  8. Excellent customer service skills.
  9. Chiropractic experience.
  10. Marketing Experience
  11. Professional and courteous in tone and information delivery.
  12. Strong organization and leadership skills.
  13. Able to handle sensitive patient information with confidentiality.
  14. Experienced in running group meetings.
  15. Capable of supporting doctors and other providers and new and veteran employees.
  16. Personally active in a healthy lifestyle.
  17. Excellent communication skills (written and oral).
  18. Self-starter, energetic.
  19. Perform at high levels in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.
  20. Anticipate work needs and follow through with minimum direction.
  21. Fast learner: capable of learning and utilizing new software, information technology, insurance changes, and other procedures.
  22. Record of honest and good character

Key Responsibilities

Some of the more important duties are:

Team Member

Embraces our mission to help as many people as possible to improve their health, has relentless initiative, and demonstrates extreme responsibility to achieve this mission and help other team members and doctors do the same.

Billing and Collections

  1. Personally responsible for all aspects of collections from clinical services.
  2. Oversee and manage payor contracts and relationships
  3. Communicates with 3rd party payors, when required in conjunction with billing entity.
  4. Monthly review of practice operational results with biller and CEO.

HIPAA Compliance

  1. Acts as HIPAA Compliance Officer
  2. Maintains all records at HIPAA Compliance for offie.
  3. Provides all training of HIPAA Compliance to doctors, other providers and employees


  1. Oversees the daily functioning of our practice to ensure service is excellent and procedures are all followed.
  2. Ensures that our patients are treated with compassionate respect and receive excellent service.
  3. Ensures that all patient and non-patient encounters, from phone to walk-ins, are performed warmly, respectfully, and professionally.
  4. Works closely with the CEO, taking as much work as possible from his duties, allowing him to focus on patient care and expansion opportunities.
  5. Improves team performance and morale through management, leadership, and coaching
  6. Sees that practical operational policies and procedures are consistently implemented, updated when needed, and improved upon.
  7. Ensures efficient patient scheduling to maximize doctors’ time and revenue generation.
  8. Work with CEO, providers, and support personnel to improve the quality and quantity of services through coaching, training, coordination, and improvements.
  9. In charge of all human resources duties, including hiring, training, coaching, reviewing all support personnel and providers, employee records, in conjunction with the CEO.
  10. Reconciles employee timesheets and maintains records.
  11. Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations. Maintains compliance program for required activities for the doctor, practice and staff.
  12. Performs yearly staff reviews with the CEO and makes recommendations.
  13. Fills in for other positions when needed or finds coverage.
  14. Ensures office is physically operational at 100% each day.


  1. Supervise our online presence and reputation.
  2. Responsible for customer satisfaction reviews and responses.
  3. Oversee and sustain external referral relationships
  4. Oversee and manage necessary marketing programs and projects
  5. Ensure all provider credentialing is complete and current.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $17-$25 per hour or $40,000 – $50,000 per year.


  • Chiropractic care
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Potential for yearly/six month bonuses


To apply submit cover letter and resume to okunhr@gmail.com.  Please also include answers to the following questions.

  1. Please list at least two fundamental values you consider important in your life and how these would apply to working with us?
  2. What are your career goals over the next 1-2 years? What are your longer term career goals?
  3. What does this mean to you?  “We are dedicated to improving the quality of our patient’s lives and our community through the serves we offer. Empowering our patients to be proactive in their approach to healthier living; educating them in the choices they have for their health care and always ensuring hope.”
  4. Why would you want to work with us?