Video Testimonials

Jerry Rice, though not a patient at Family Chiropractic in Union City, gives a fantastic testimonial for chiropractic and how it has helped him. 

Listen to Joyce Ector-Worrell tell you about the amazing changes she achieved after undergoing care at Family Chiropractic in Union City, GA.

More Testimonials

“Thank God For Chiropractic – I am a ‘real’ senior citizen, having made use of chiropractic treatments for better than fifty years.  These treatments have helped me with arthritis, sciatica and shingles to name a few problems.  My niece and I , after moving to Union City and having gone to a chiropractor in Austell (traveling 50 miles round trip), decided to find a local chiropractor.  While talking with our neighbors we learned of Family Chiropractic.  That was our lucky day.  I cannot express my appreciation enough for having Drs. Louis and Lori Okun in my life and good health.

Not only are the adjustments beneficial but it’s a pleasure to visit their office.  They inspire us with the beautiful decorations for each holiday, i.e. St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Everyone is filled with joy, love and a positive attitude which is very much needed by each of  us.”


– Betty Souviney, retired

“After suffering with sciatic pain for a couple of months I was told about Vax-D. I tried it and the relief was wonderful. I am still pain free months later” – M. Foster

“When I first started with Chiropractic treatments in 1991 I could hardly walk and I was in a lot of pain in my low back. chiropractic care has been beneficial keeping me pain free.”

– Lucy West

“When I first walked in the Chiropractor’s office I could not stand upstraight. Now with the help of my 2 Chiropractors I can walk a lot better and I feel great when I wake up. It’s important to stay on the maintenance plan.” 

– Vickie J. 

“I fell better when I have my neck adjusted. It helps loosen me up” 

– Dale J. 

“Since I have been coming to Dr. Okun’s, the pain and stiffness in my lower back in minimun. Also, I am now able to sit in a chair all day without pain and sleep all night without pain. I am now convinced more that visiting a chiropractor should be a way of life” 

– Tracy Underwood

“since coming to Family Chiropractic I am amazed at how energetic I feel. When I came in suffering with sciatica, there was an obvious limp when walking. Now after only 2 weeks of adjustments I  have no limp and my sleep habits have improved greatly” 

– Beverly Price

“My experience with Family Chiropractic Center has been amazing for my general well being. Both Dr. Louis & Dr. Lori Okun have taken the time to explain to me my injuries and the methods of rehabilitation. I was involved in a car accident. The doctors have taken great measure in aiding with my recovery. Both Dr. Louis & Dr. Lori are personal, clear on their professional obligations, and are concerned about me and my care as an individual”

– Leah Smith

“My body was a total wreck when I was led to come to Family Chiropractic. I had unexplained problems in my spinal column, both shoulders were out of socket and the pain was almost unbearable. I was unable to lie on either side more that 10 to 15 minutes at a time. I was so rest broken. I was falling asleep driving. But with the adjustments given to me by Drs Louis & Lori I am now well on the way to recovery. I am even able to work part time. I highly recommend Chiropractic therapy to anyone suffering Spinal or any joint problems”

– Donella Cantrell

“How do you know when you have a great Chiropractors? When your 5 and 8 years old children ask to get adjustment because it makes them feel better. Our family loves Chiropractors”

– Christy & Shane Salisbury

“I came to Family Chiropractic Center with a herniated disc and severe back pain to avoid surgery. I was pessimic about my decision. But, my pain said I had to do something, Dr. Louis recommended Vax-D. Now I am no longer in pain and I plan to go back to work. I would like to mention that everyone here cared so much about me. Also, my vertigo that I was diagnosed with years ago is completely gone. I would like to thank Dr. Louis , Dr. Lori Cheryl and Sherry. My wife and I love you all”. 

– David Bearden 

“I was recommended to Family Chiropractic by my neighbor who spoke very highly of the treatment she was receiving. I decided that I would give them a try since I was having pain in my shoulder and arm. I must say that I made a very wise decision to come here for treatment. Both Doctor’s Louis and Lori Okun have treated me and I am on my way to regaining a healthy shoulder and arm. I also enjoy the friednly interaction of Sherry and Cherly. I will give high recommendation to anyone to use Family Chiropractic” 

– Jimmie L. Greathouse

“Dr. Okun, Thanks for the inspiration, it means a great deal to me to have a team effort into the resolution of the pain and discomfort that I had been experiencing. I firlmy believe that there are answers to all the ills out there if you find the right source, and fortunately for me Chiropractic has been a good fit. I will continue to follow the plan of treatment for the complete resolution of my problem. Thanks again for all your thoughtful and “genius” on the hands” 

– Jequetta Parker

“I used to believe pain was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Up till that time I hade trid just about everything I could think of including surgey. Still the pain continued. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Lori & Dr. Louis I am feeling so much better. Better yet, I know pain is not something I have to accept. I can be pain free”

– Karen Roman

“My neurologist told me that I was in denial of my back condition and that I needed to accept it, take my pain pills and file for disability. However, at age 52 this was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. I entered the Vax-D program with Chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Okun. They assited me with a financial plan and worked with me almost everyday for the first month. Eight weeks later I am back at work full time. I would and have recommended their program to anyone with spinal problems” 

– Gail Gingerich

“This was my second treatment received from Dr. Okun. This time it was for herniated and degenerative discs. Over the course of my treatment, without interruption. I was initially referred to the care of orthopedic doctors, and physiotherapy, which lasted about 1 week. I never forgot the fact that these two Dr’s previously treated my symptoms of a severe slipped disck, an put me back on my feet. My overall health has improved to the point where I know regular adjustments are a must. I’ve finished the 1st steps towards my recovery, and currently doing GREAT! highly recommend them to anyone I happen to speak with that have similar symptoms, or just to keep their spine healthy. Thanks Dr’s” 

– Deidre

“When the pain didn’t allow sleep at night or my naps I had to find help. That in the form of Family Chiropractic. The outstanding Dr’s having the knowledge of skill care and cure o my ills” 

– Will J. Holland

“In 1992 I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I have suffered with episodes one to three times a week. Sometimes they would become so severe the only relief was through injection. A friend told me about someone who suffered with migraines that had gone to a Chiropractor and has been migraine free over 10 years. She referred me to Dr. Lori & Louis Okun. I have been coming for 3 months and have only had 1 mild attack. I now am a believer that chiropractic works.” 

– Delores Burton

“Dear Dr. Lori & Louis, As you both know, this was not my 1st time seeking your help. When I contacted you again on 12/11/2006, I was excruciating pain in my left shoulder and my back. Dr. Louis ordered X-rays and examined me, explaining in detail what my problem was. He then told me  would need extensive care for 24 sessions (acute care). I have been being treated three times a week by both Dr’s I  can’t begin to tell you the difference in the amount of pain I was in then & how much more pain free I am now. Thank you both.” 

– Shirley Alston