Welcome to “The Other Side” where each week Dr. Okun will give you a glimpse of life and health from a different perspective!  Check this page every week to catch his latest episode!

Listen to Dr. Louis Okun talk about chiropractic care for kids and how they are adjusted differently than adults.  Chiropractic is amazing for children and he will tell you why!

Dr. Louis Okun of Family Chiropractic in Union City, GA has a very thought provoking exercise for you today. Go ahead and watch his video to see what it is and how it can help you change your life for the better.

Dr. Louis Okun of Family Chiropractic in Union City interviews Tarra Jackson, author of Financial Fornication, about credit scores.  Check out the above video to get the inside scoop on your credit score, what it is made up of and how it is used.  Between Dr. Louis and Ms. Jackson, you are sure to catch a chuckle!

Come to Family Chiropractic on Monday,  June 27th at 7pm to hear Tarra Jackson tell you all the secrets about credit scores.  This seminar is FREE!  Everyone is invited and anyone can attend!

Dr. Louis Okun of Family Chiropractic in Union City, GA talks about fun exercising. Finding a form of exercise you enjoy and sticking to it. Watch the video to see what Dr. Louis does for fun and how it changed his health and his life. You’ll also hear his latest accomplishment!